Good Disinfection Cabinet - XXLarge

Disinfection Cabinet XXLarge is designed to disinfect more than one product in it using UVC lamps. For example, disinfection of grocery carts for grocery stores can be used for disinfection of wheelchairs or stretchers for hospitals and provides an advantage in that it provides disinfection of large amounts of material at the same time. In addition, for additional stores that can be added to clothing stores; Disinfection of clothes to be hung on the hanger in the middle, or disinfection of trays with the apparatus to be used for dining halls, as well as multi-product disinfection can be used safely in all areas where cabin design can be made in user-specific dimensions.

Usage Areas

- Hospitals
- Grocers
- Airports
- Warehouses
- Shipping Warehouses
- Banks
- Factories
- Construction
- Shopping Malls
- Clothing Stores