Safety Air Gold

The reflectors in the inner chamber increase the intensity of the UV-C light and allow the light to concentrate in the middle section during the passage of air through the air. Carbon filters in the entrance and exit sections of the device prevent the UV-C light from coming out. In this way, while the device sterilizes the air, people and other creatures can be found in the environment. In addition, these carbon filters prevent large particles such as dust and insects from entering the device.

It operates at 220 Vrms, 50 Hz input voltage. The power of the device is 220 W.

Total air exchange capacity is 300 m3/h (suitable for 500 m3 areas.).

It can be used in indoor spaces such as hospitals, hospital corridors, infirmary and clinics, schools, classrooms, bank branches, offices conference halls, lobbies, restaurants, dining hall isolation rooms.