Safety Air Platinum

The device vanishes pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in the ambient air by generating negative ion and ozone (O3) It kills viruses, fungi, could and spores in the air pollen, ethylene agents provides a sterilized atmosphere by cleaning the air of particles.

The device takes up very little space thanks to its efficient and distinctive design; works on a wall or ceiling without the need for a large area or special requirements. According to the models 100 - 1000 m3/h air exchange rate 25-50 m2 area provides sterilization.

The chassis of the Uvion device is made of 304 stainlesssteel and does not oxidize due to negative ions. The device has an ion generator made of titanium dioxide, AgI, CuS coated borosilicate glass tube. This mechanism allows the gas and particles in the system to break down the gases, dissolve the micro-organisms and destroy the particles by means of (-) minus ions, by the decomposition of the gases, and the destruction of the microorganisms by means of the catalytic inverter. Clean air connection with hermetic flue from external environment can be made to UVION device. If this feature is used, 10Pa positive pressure is provided in the environment where the device is used.