Safety Pass

Its edges and top are closed. It has a special filter. It keeps dirt and dirt. It protects the disinfectant used. It is solid, economical, quality. It is easy to clean and patented.
Safety Pass (Antimicrobial Disinfectant Mat) consists of a special sponge layer that absorbs only liquid and does not contain solid particles in two different densities and heights, a waterproof fabric that surrounds this and creates a pool structure, and a thick tarpaulin that provides longevity of the outermost mat.

The dimension is 600 x 850 x 30 mm and 600 x 400 x 30 mm. Also, you can get contact wit us if you need special dimension.

It is not used like classic mats. It differs from other mats at this point. It is simply printed on. Foamy liquid disinfectant emerges in volume proportional to the pressure applied to the surface. Cleans and disinfects the sole of the foot. Its effect is continuous and strong. The special sponge structure in the mat and two different densities in the mat ensures that disinfectant is released in proportion to the pressure when both heavy and light weight pressure is applied. This special sponge covers the sides and bottom of the layer with a waterproof fabric. The structure of the waterproof fabric that creates a pool structure by holding the disinfectant in it, the fact that there is no roughness on the surface of the microorganisms can hold and shelter, and that it is completely flat ensures that the microorganisms that die or die in each change of disinfectant can be removed from the mat. In other classical mats, there is a danger of gaining resistance to disinfectant after a while, as microorganisms can easily find surfaces that can hold on.