About Us

    About Regi - Tech

    Regi-Tech has been serving since 2011 with its organizational structure and quality understanding. On this path that it started with strong business partners; provides electrostatic paint, welding wire, galvanized profile and galvanized wire services. In addition to developing innovative products with its R&D, which was established in 2016, the company's quality was ensured to be at the highest level.

    Our Vision

    Innovative, Reliable, Quality ... 

    Our vision is to always realize our thought system, which is based on respect for people and nature, and to protect customer satisfaction, innovation and quality at all times.

    Our Mission

    Regi-Tech has aimed at a growth based on solid foundations that can compete in all matters in the country and worldwide. Accordingly, "Always bringing innovation and quality as a principle" are among other main goals.


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